Infinity storage solution

Truly versatile, the Infinity modular storage system not only does the job, but looks great doing it. The Infinity storage system offers excellent flexibility; this modular, stanchion based system can run from floor to ceiling or floor to wall depending on your space and needs. Within the system you can add / change / move the components as frequently as you like. Some people fold all their clothes; some people hang all their clothes – either way our storage solutions allow you ultimate flexibility. You can even have floor to ceiling shoe racks should you wish!

1. Floor to ceiling stanchion
2. Small shelf
3.  Large shelf
4. Small double drawer
5. Large double drawer

6. Trouser rack
7. Media kit
8. Small matrix box
9. Large matrix box
10. Pull down hanger bar

11. Hanger bar
12. Shoe rack
13. Sliding basket