Hinge Sliding doors

The hinge sliding door is ideal if the width of the closet is small (under 110 cm), or if you would like to see the whole closet at once. The maximum height to this door is 279 cm, width 110 cm/door. They run in a 3 cm wide rail, and open in the middle.

Color choices:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Beach
  • Cherry
  • Gold hidden
  • White hidden
  • Copper hidden
  • Chrome hidden

To this profile you can put the following materials:

  • Laminated particle board (8-18 mm)
  • High gloss wood
  • Silver mirros
  • Color mirror (Bronze, Grey, Pink, Green, Blue)
  • Color glass (Lacobel glass)
  • Acid washed glass
  • Acid washed mirror
  • Poster or Photoprint

    These doors cannot have horizontal dividers, but the two sides can be made out of 2 different materials or colors.

Stanley Magnetic Hinge doors

The Stanley Magnetic Hinge doors open by just a sample push, and a magnetic system keep it closed when needed. It is ideal if you have small spaces (under 120 cm) but you would like to keep the sliding door profile. Maximum high is 279 cm, width 60 cm/door.

Standard Hinge Doors

A classic wardrobe door is made when the depth of the cabinet is insufficient to fit a sliding or wrist door on the wardrobe, height or width does not warrant the sliding door or, of course, the preference of the buyer.

The hinged door has a maximum height of 200 cm/door and a maximum width of 60 cm /door.

In all cases, the standard hinge door is made of 18 mm laminated wood, with a surface that is normal, high gloss or mirror-bright. A mirror or colored glass can be attached to the furniture panel, but because of the weight, smaller doors or more hinges will be needed.

The hinge door has no frame, the edge of the cabinated gets a laminated finish whoch matches the doors. If you do not want a handle, you can mount a tip-on mechanism on the cabinet that opens the door by pressure, as well as a soft close which slows the down the impact when you close the door.